Nutmeg is the seed kernel inside the fruit of a nutmeg tree. The nutmeg tree is an evergreen tree that produces not only one, but two spices – nutmeg and mace.
Mace is the waxy covering of the shell of nutmeg. It is net-like in shape and red in color. When it is dried, the color will slowly shift into orange and will become yellow if stored for a longer time
Dried Nutmeg pulp comes from the fruit of the nutmeg that covers the mace and nutmeg seed. Most of the time, it is considered of having little to no value, therefore when harvesting the nutmegs, the n
We also provide other commodities such as cloves, clove stems, and nutmeg shells
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“Your Reliable Siau Ambon Nutmeg Supplier From Indonesia”

We have a great deal of experience in providing high quality nutmegs for buyers all around the world. Most of our nutmegs are gathered from Siau Island which is known to have the highest quality of nutmegs in the world.

We have a high quality control and experienced worker in sorting and preparing good quality nutmegs that meet the buyers’ requirements.



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