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Gunung Intan Permata has been trading nutmeg since 1994 with a business form of partnership. It became a limited company in 2011 and has seen an increase in capital ever since. The company is managed by well experienced entrepreneurs who are in the field of nutmeg trading for over thirty years. Our facilities are located in Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi Province. We collect nutmegs from the island of Siauw and the surrounding islands. Siauw island is said to have the best quality of nutmegs and are very well known around the globe. It is located 130 km off the northern tip of Sulawesi in the Celebes Sea.

We have successfully supplied our nutmegs to Italy, the Netherlands, Argentina, China, Vietnam, India, and some other countries in the Middle East and Asia. We also have a good business relationship with several spice processors as our regular buyer.

Our Company is HACCP certified in nutmeg and mace handlling. Before every consignment, we use an external laboratory that is recommended by the European Union to test our parcel for our pre – shipment quality checking. We are confident in our ability to provide safe nutmeg for our buyers.


Our Worldwide Market


Nutmeg Workers

The Workers is one of the company's main considerations for sorting and preparing the right nutmeg for the buyers’ requirements. We select the workers and hold an in-job-training process to develop skillful nutmeg sorters. Many of our workers have been in the company for a long time, thus they have the best pair of eyes and hands to inspect, sort, and grade the nutmegs.




We have a relationship with one of Indonesia's trusted laboratory to check each of our consignments. Gunung Intan Permata also supports the TSP II team from the European Union to create a long lasting good nutmeg production in Indonesia. Our markets are all around the globe, from European countries, Asian countries, to South American countries.




We gather the materials from the areas that are near our location. Our company is located close to the Siauw Island, the island that is said to have the highest quality of nutmegs in the world. Suppliers come from different villages and some of them are nutmeg farmers themselves. The selection of suppliers is done by the company’s survey on the reliability of the suppliers and the quality of their nutmegs.



Check and Track

We have a high level of quality control in our company, since our staffs are experienced in their work field for many years. Sampling is done by taking samples from each bag of consignments from the suppliers. We also have the traceability control for each shipment that we make so that we can trace it back to the suppliers.



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